12/9/1981 - Grillson Optics (GRIL) - ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT

Grillson Optics (GRIL) has announced the stock acquisition of a New Jersey clinical laboratory company. The acquired company provides clinical testing services to more than 18,000 physicians, hospitals, and others. Last year, the company earn $6.6 million on revenues of $110 million. GRIL will pay $23 for each share of the acquired company. The total value of the transaction is expected to approach $150 million.

About Grillson Optics (GRIL):
Grillson Optics, known primarily for its kitchenware and lab products, the materials pioneer is the a maker of fiber-optic cable. Grillson Optics’s growing telecommunications unit makes optical fiber and cable and photonic components. The company's advanced materials unit makes industrial and scientific products, including emission controls and semiconductor materials. Its information display segment makes glass products for televisions, VCRs, and flat-panel displays.