11/23/1983 - Lodge Corp (LODG) - CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT

Lodge Corp (LODG) has announced a new school program that allows students to attempt a feat even Congress could not accomplish. The students will attempt to craft a national energy policy in a debate-like format. The company asserts that the program will help students understand the importance of the energy industry and how the government operates.

About Lodge Corp (LODG):
Basic black always suits Lodge Corp, the world's #1 producer of carbon black. A by-product of oil refining, carbon black is used as a reinforcing and pigmenting agent in tires and printing. Lodge Corp also produces fumed silica (an anticaking, thickening, and reinforcing agent), thermoplastic concentrates, tantalum (for electronics), ink-jet colorants, and drilling fluids. The company's markets include the automotive, cosmetics, oil and gas, and printing industries. Lodge Corp has factories in 23 countries. The company owns about 40% of safety products maker Aearo Corp. (formerly Cabot Safety Holding Corp.). It has sold its Cabot LNG subsidiary (natural gas distribution) and spun off its majority stake in Cabot Microelectronics.