5/16/1983 - DeepSea Gaming (DSG) - CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT

The outlook for airlines should be as bright as the noon sun. Air traffic is up 14%. Fuel prices, the industry’s largest cost, are down almost 7%. Why is the industry struggling? Well the answer is the cutthroat price war being waged between competitors. As a group, the 11 major airlines had a total operating losses of $571 million and that figure is 13.2% worse than in the same period last year. But there are a few bright spots. For one, Country Air (CAIR) had sales increase by 8.3% this past quarter while its costs only increased by 3%. Despite the poor landscape, CAIR is fighting tough

About DeepSea Gaming (DSG):
Keeping gamblers moored to the slots is the cornerstone of DeepSea Gaming. The company manufactures and markets a variety of slot and video gaming machines, including its popular Wheel of Fortune game (produced through a joint venture with International Game Technology). Unlike many of its competitors, DeepSea Gaming doesn't sell its machines but leases them under royalty, revenue participation, or rental fee agreements. In addition, the company markets and installs systems for lottery ticket sales and operates gaming machine routes in Nevada and Montana. Anchor also owns and operates two casinos in Colorado and operates a third in California.