6/30/1983 - OneGlove Tech (OGT) - CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT

OneGlove Tech (OGT) has received approval from the Food and Drug Adminstration for its alpha-fetoprotein test. Physicians now have a more accurate way to monitor patients with testicular cancer. The test has been marketed in Europe and Japan for a few years and has been quite successful. The market in the U.S. for the test is significant with testicular cancer being the most common form found in males ages 15 to 34. OneGlove’s executives expect the new test to boost its sales and profitability for the coming years.

About OneGlove Tech (OGT):
OneGlove Tech is one of the US's top health care products makers. Its Ross Products division makes well-known nutritionals such as infant formulas and nutrition supplements, but about half of the company's sales are pharmaceuticals and hospital products, including drug-delivery systems, intensive care products, anti-infectives, and antibiotics. Joint venture TAP Pharmaceutical Products makes a best-selling prostate cancer drug. Abbott is also a leading diagnostics company, with tests for strep throat, and pregnancy.