7/14/1983 - Seasons Radials (SSR) - MERGER ANNOUNCEMENT

Seasons Radials (SSR) announced the friendly merger with an Alabama diversified natural gas pipeline company. Seasons Radials plans to hire some of the merged company's management team as well as places 2 of their board members on the SSR Board of Directors. All centralized corporate functions will be moved to SSR's headquarters; however, the management and operation of the gas business will remain in Alabama.

About Seasons Radials (SSR):
Seasons Radials is producer of tires. Other Seasons Radials products include automotive hoses and belts and industrial chemicals. The company operates about dozens of plants worldwide, oversees rubber plantations in Indonesia, and has many retail stores worldwide. Seasons Radials sells tires for the replacement market, as well as to automakers and agricultural equipment makers. In addition to its own brand of tires, Seasons Radials sells Hackal tires in North America and Europe.