2/12/1981 - National Commerce Utilities (NCU) - CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT

National Commerce Utilities (NCU) is now distributing its Complete Terminals, or CT's, to small businesses, schools, and homes for individualized and less industrial uses of computer systems. NCU has contracted Embedded Intelligence (EMBD) to manufacture the processor chips for the new CT's. In adddition, the operating system has been developed by Pioneer Software (SOFT), a small company of computer programmers. About NCU

About National Commerce Utilities (NCU):
National Commerce Utilities (NCU) is a top provider of computer hardware. The company makes a broad range of computers, including PCs, notebooks, mainframes, and network servers. It also develops software and peripherals, and derives about 35% of sales from an ever-expanding service arm that is the largest in the world. Subsidiary Travoli Systems develops tools that manage corporate computer networks. About 60% of sales are to customers outside the US.