MTH EnerCorp (MTHE) will seek to increase its earnings from sources other than its utility subsidiary, Allentown Gas Co., through internal growth and acquisitions in areas including data processing, propane distribution and in Appalachian Basin gas and oil properties. In an updated "Business Plan for the 1980's" published this week, NUI said acquisitions would be made using equity or a combination of cash and equity. Consideration will be given to profitability, experienced management and a shareholder base that could increase the number of NUI shareholders.

About MTH EnerCorp (MTHE):
MTH EnerCorp’s utility subsidiaries distribute natural gas to customers in six states along the eastern seaboard of the US. The company's expanding nonregulated subsidiaries (more than half of revenues) provide retail gas sales; energy trading and brokerage services; energy project development, consulting, and management; billing software and information systems for municipal utilities; and even telecommunications services.