10/8/1982 - Choice Soda (CHOI) - CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT

Choice Soda (CHOI) unveils the new Diet Choice Soda and Caffeine-Free Choice Soda. Choice Soda is the first major brand soda maker to introduce diet and caffeine free products. The company does not think that current Choice drinkers will be the only consumers to take up the Diet and Caffiene-Free alternatives; rather, these new options will increase the market potential for soda sales.

About Choice Soda (CHOI):
As a player in the highly contested beverage industry, Choice Soda is in constant competition with its main rivals. Choice Soda’s primary soft drink brands make up one quarter of the company’s sales. Revenue also stems from powerful snack food brands, assorted non-carbonated beverages, and sometimes acquired, sometimes spun-off franchise fast food chains under ownership.