12/22/1983 - Calbers Homes (CALB) - ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT

Calbers Homes (CALB) announced today that it will acquire its seventh U.S. manufacturing facility, a 76,000 square-foot plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The investment is valued at approximately $2.3 million by the CEO of Calbers Homes. The plant provides the firm with a modern and efficient facility that can be utilized in the production of both single and multi-section houses.

About Calbers Homes (CALB):
Calbers Homes is a producer of manufactured (mobile) homes in the US. Its homes range in size from 500 sq. ft. to 2,400 sq. ft., and prices range from about $10,000 at the low end to $75,000 for luxury models. Calbers Homes has the capacity to manufacture 35,000 homes annually, and its plants supply homes to many independent and company-owned retail centers. The company also provides financing and insurance for its customers through its Vandy Mortgage and Finance subsidiary, and it operates more than various manufactured-home communities. Founder and chairman Derek Calbers owns about 28% of the company.